Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lafzon se wakif zarur hai
Bas inhe tarashne ki der hai

Gham-e-alfaaz zarur hai
Bas zuban pe laane ki der hai

Dil me ashk zarur hai
Bas aankhon pe aane ki der hai

Shiddat-e-ishq zarur hai
Bas nafrat mitane ki der hai

Mann me aag zarur hai
Bas isse bujhane ki der hai

Dil-e-naadaan zarur hai
Bas isse sawarne ki der hai

Zehen me shaitaan zarur hai
Bas pyar karne ki der hai

Shaitaan-e-guroor zarur hai
Bas insaan banne ki der hai

Ye rah bahrupi zarur hai
Bas ispe chalne ki der hai

Maut-e-muqaddar zarur hai
Bas aaj jeene ki der hai

- ashay (0300 hours, 9th Aug 2k15)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Late night musings

good night: because when the dark falls and even your shadow leaves you, my wishes will still be by your side.

unconditional love: when you know you will always be the first to say it but regardless you keep saying it.

compassion: you are famished yet you share your food with a stranger.

motivation: a heart drunk on inspiration.

happiness: a forced effort turned habit.

mass writing spree: a heart vomiting.

writer's block: the aftermath called hangover.

emptiness: because I am not shallow.

silence: the longest moment.

60% lust, 60% love: The sole person dominating your thoughts after waking up, before falling asleep and in between.

dreamless nights: because my dream has come true.

dreams: a magical place that gets more realistic with age.

mother: who else loved you even before you were born?

childhood friends: ego meets its nemesis.

philosophy: gossiping for the 2%.

home: shelter with a heart.

words: telepathy.

thoughts: godlike.

irony: when god sneezes and whispers 'bless myself!'

mind: tamed, nirvana; untamed, a beautiful tragedy.

tragedy: living death.

common sense: what?

sense of humor: something you are told to have when you get offended by someone's idea of joke.

social network: less social, the more the network.

temptation: a steeper gradient.

opinion: one too many.

fact: a proven opinion.

truth: an omnipresent fact.

God: 1 ÷ 0 * truth.

Satan: because every yin has a yang.

nature: law.

punishment: going against nature.

miracle: existence.

magic: miracle.

poet: a scarred human.

poem: a permanent scar.

writer: Experience. Persistence. Imagination. Curiosity. EPIC.

sleep: a temporary solace.

death: an unknown constant.

life: an unknown variable.

organized religion: manmade opiate.

faith: crutch.

blind faith: blind seeing dog guiding a blind human on crutch.

trust: a hint of doubt.

anger: quick sand.

depression: there is always a reason.

schizophrenic: never alone.

suicide: too eager to meet the maker.

ego: a self-hosted no-holds-barred contest.

zenith: where humans aspire to reach.

nadir: where the living dead survive.

name: a convenience for others.

I: a transition.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lost in translation

Meter - Tetrameter
Rhyme scheme - ABBA

Words don't stand by me anymore;
I get lost in their twisted tales,
And never talk about my fails
Though it's become a daily chore.

Though silent musings tell-a-tale,
How often do we find a soul,
With whom we connect as a whole,
Whose heart can understand this tale?

If you have found this person now,
Just let your loving heart go bare;
Second chances are often rare
And so unto Love make a vow.

To love with pure heart, old or young,
For a sacred vow holds till death,
It must be fulfilled with each breath,
So cross your heart and bite your tongue.

  - ashay(5th April, 2k14, 0315 hours)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

'Enlightenment in a Paranoid Sense'


All our troubles are alike twinkling stars,
More so evident the darker the night,
If you may dare not to give up the fight,
And wait humbly for the speck of first light,
They will still be there as camouflaged scars.

The recurring writhe thus festered with time,
Deepening the scars to be plain to all,
To all, the pain is camouflaged astral,
Lightened be the path for those who stand tall,
Still walk must he tall to pay for his crime.

It's a path worth walking in all its glory,
It's a dawn worth waiting for all it brings,
Like a butterfly first times flutters its wings,
To the tune of peace and freedom it sings,
Per se, is a reward of self-victory.

-ashay(19th feb, 2k13, 0007 hours)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

'Wishes don't come true'

Meter : First and Third Lines - Tetrameter; Second and Fourth Lines - Trimeter

I wish the time would stop right now,
And everything would just freeze,
And dark dreams would vanish right now,
So I could live in peace.

I wish a new day would not dawn,
Till this illness has gone,
It's turned me into it's pawn,
I wish to be unborn.

I wish to go into exile,
A burden I've become,
'Cause right now this life seems futile,
And I am not welcome.

I wish there was a guide who'd help,
And befriend this lone heart,
And rescue me 'fore hearing my yelp,
From miles and miles apart.

-ashay(7th feb, 2k13, 1246 hours)